The K4EDGE OS runs on every network node in the K4 ecosystem. Frontend control of physical interfaces and configuration of network parameters complement innovative WAN controls for satellite, 5G/LTE, WiFi, and hardwired network sources. Local control allows quick configuration of security rules, QoS using deep packet inspection, and setting up VLANs.



The Service Portal (SPORT) gives a broad overview of all the Edge Devices and connected systems in your fleet. Monitor high-level connectivity and usage patterns across site, and instantly connect to any device that runs the K4EDGE OS. Advanced algorithms and AI collect and manage cellular connectivity globally and allow you to visualize the physical location of your asset overlayed on network availability.

K4EDGE Mobile App

Monitor and control any device in your fleet via the cloud, conveniently accessible anywhere in the world with your iOS or Android device. Support your customers by quickly accessing metrics to aid in enhanced troubleshooting. The mobile app enables quick changes of any device in your fleet – including device activation, bandwidth throttling, or detailed WAN/LAN configurations.

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Connect to any device on your network through mapped ports using the powerful K4 Konnect protocol. Mapping multiple endpoints brings the edge into focus, allowing remote connections to be configured as if they were local.

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